Your thoughts have the power to change your DNA

Many people believe that your DNA is what it is and cannot be modified; your genes remain the same throughout all your life. However, a number of scientific experiments have proven that DNA alteration is possible and that our perception of the environment changes the DNA.

You have to understand that you can create over 30.000 variations from the same DNA blueprint. What scientist come to understand now is that your belief about the world you live in has a major influence. It matters immensely if you have positive expectations and see “the glass half full” or “half empty” or if you live in constant fear. This information is going in and affecting your genes.

It now has been proven that 2/3 of ALL medical healings, no matter if pills or surgery, are a direct result of the placebo effect – the power of your mind and your belief system, what you think is what causes the healings or the issues in the first place. Make sure to understand, how powerful this knowledge is.

Dr. Bruce Lipton gave a beautiful example of the Placebo Effect in his bestselling book “The Biology of Belief“. Dr. Mosely was trying to figure out which part of his surgery operation gave relief to his patients. So he divided his patients into 3 groups: on 2 groups he did real surgery to find out above and one group got a “fake” surgery. Meaning he played a video of a real surgery to make the patient believe he was being operated, just simulated the sound of the surgery and sewed the wound back up without having done anything. To the shocking surprise of the doctors, the placebo group improved and healed to the same extent as the other two groups. The indications of these findings turn the medical, and especially pharmaceutical industry up side down …

Your beliefs change your DNA

In this 7minute video Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Wayne Dyer explain the powers of your beliefs further and in an easy to understand way.


At the end of the video they mention that depending on how fast you change your perceptions, your cells change accordingly. To prove that, have a look at this video. You can watch a miraculous healing of cancer live within 3 minutes, with the help of the intentions of the doctors the patient believes he is healed and so are his cells.

Your mind is powerful

The human brain is remarkable and what you can do with your mind is exceptional. Positive thoughts and emotions are extremely powerful and if you learn how to focus and use them, you can access your subconscious and induce a change in your DNA. This basically mean that you can influence your body, all the way down to the cells in your genes.

But be careful, the opposite is also true: fear, anger, frustration and other negative thoughts and feelings can damage your health and general wellbeing. Your body gets sick and your performance level drops. So when you often allow yourself to be in a bad mood, become aggressive in certain situations or stay angry at people, you are actually hurting yourself. These emotions damage your body at all levels including the cells in your DNA.

After two decades of study, researchers at HeartMath Institute suggest that we can influence and alter the outcomes of our individual’s DNA blueprint not by just our thoughts, but that factors like feelings and intentions we have on a day to day basis play also a major role. These findings explain many of the miraculous healings, where for example people with a strong attitude and positive thinking have managed to heal from fatal diseases like cancer.

Laboratory evidence shows your are not a victim of your genes

Through the new science of epigenetics we are now even able to reprogram stem cells which can help in healing cancer, disorders and deficiencies. Dr. Rollin McCraty, Director of Research at Institute of HeartMath has stated that, “We’ve had this revolutionary finding that we’re not locked in necessarily to our genetic code.”

“The difference between genetic determinism and epigentics is significant because this fundamental belief called genetic determinism literally means that our lives, which are defined as our physical, physiological and emotional behavioral traits, are controlled by the genetic code. This kind of belief system provides a visual picture of people being victims: If the genes control our life function, then our lives are being controlled by things outside of our ability to change them. This leads to victimization that the illnesses and diseases (for example cancer) that run in families are propagated through the passing of genes associated with those attributes. Laboratory evidence shows this is not true.” – Dr. Bruce Lipton

So yes, your thoughts have the power to change your DNA, what you think, feel has an immense impact on your body, your health and wellbeing, so no matter what life brings you: watch your thoughts! 



The biology of belief“, Dr. Bruce Lipton