Vibrational Alchemy – How to change any belief/emotion/pain in seconds

Are you ready to get unstuck, release emotions or heal pain?

Meet David Snyder.

While ghostwriting a book about  NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) for a client, I came across David Snyder during my research. He is a world recognized expert in hypnosis, NLP, Reiki Master, Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine; Martial Arts and Energy Healing.

In one of his YouTube Videos he teaches a powerful energy healing technique based on hermetic sciences. As you know energy healing exercises have the power to clear blocked emotional energy or negative thought energy in your body (you can also call it stress). This can be emotional stuck energy from past events that you have hidden in the darkest corners of your mind, especially unpleasant or hurtful memories that are hidden deep in your subconscious mind. Energy healing cleans your mental state and enhances your health and state of mind.

David’s Method is a powerful technique combining all of your senses. Try it out for yourself to experience instant results. You might feel a wave of heat in your body, sweat, yawning, sudden feelings in different points in your body, emotions coming up, crying … watch your body closely while you go through the exercise.

David explains beautifully the concept behind energy healing and how your mind works to make a powerful shift. Get ready for rapid personal transformation! You can use this technique for anything, from changing a belief, to overcoming resistance, releasing emotions, erasing memories or healing pain.


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