Use Meditation to cure your Hangover ;)

Remembering an article that mentioned meditation as a cure for a hangover, I decided today to give it a try.

I went out with friends last night and drank alcohol, which I hadn’t done for quite a few months. I really enjoy drinking wine, but I wanted to test how it would affect my mind and the quality of my thinking by not drinking any alcohol at all for a longer period of time. Also the damaging effects alcohol has on your brain cells, makes you be very cautious about it.

Therefore the few drinks last night were already enough for me to result in the typical effects alcohol has on your body and mind the morning after.

I started the day with a long binaural beat meditation. I believe, any type of meditation might work, but binaurals just kick me right into the Alpha state of mind.

During a meditation session you get oxygen flowing and blood pumping to help relieve any kind of stress in your body. Your brain also releases hormones like endorphins and serotonine to relieve that post-hangover mood. Plus meditation gives you a deeper rest than normal sleep.

And to my surprise, I did feel better and it seemed to work. After the meditation I felt light headed and refreshed. The headache wasn’t completely gone, but I felt much better. Fresh air, sunshine and a sailing trip put me right back on track feeling energized and happy 😉

So, next time you drink too much, why don’t you give it a try? Share your experience with me right here so that others can see what works.


PS: Additionally you need to re-hydrate your body. Coconut and lemon water works miracles for hangovers; it contains high levels of electrolytes that replenish your body.



Photocredit: All is Amazing Photography