Unleash the hidden power of your mind with the Silva Mind Control Method

Starting to meditate might be one of the most transformational, adventurous journeys you ever embark on in your entire life. If you have been a rational mind until now, get ready for a roller coaster ride.

One of the most powerful tools to develop your mind powers is the Silva Mind Control Method.

Jose Silva, founder of the world’s Number 1 mind development program,
the Silva Mind Control Method, has become famous for his teachings
to access more of your brain’s capacity.

SilvaMindcontrolaThe Silva Method has already helped millions of people access their intuition and psychic abilities by operating their minds on the alpha brainwave level. He teaches that through complete physical and mental relaxation and the dynamic use of meditation, brain wave frequencies can be slowed enough to help you attain the alpha state, at will. With practice, theta and delta states can be attained.

It is simply amazing how much you can do with your mind, if you know what and how to do it. The Silva method for meditation and achieving the alpha state works better than any other method I have tried so far. The exercises help you get in touch with your intuitive mind and tap into a higher intelligence.

Have you ever had a flash of intuition or a hunch that something would happen?
A dream which became reality in the near future?
Telepathic coincidences like thinking of a person and receiving a call from them 2 minutes later?

These little synchronicities, or coincidences, as you might call them, are very common.

We all have this ability.

The Silva Method is a simple way to learn to trust your intuitive mind more. The Silva Method is mind development by using a combination of straightforward relaxation exercices, dynamic meditations, creative visualizations, affirmations and positive programming, it teaches you to control your mind and
to use the 95 % subconscious parts of your mind.

Here is what you can expect by learning the Silva Mind Control Method:

  • clarity of thought and concentration
  • boost your creativity and productivity
  • improve memory and learning skills
  • Speed learning
  • Dream Control (how to dream solutions to problems over night)
  • develop ESP, such as clairvoyance, telepathy and precognition
  • access your intuition
  • enhances your I.Q.
  • improve yor health by accessing and strengthening your self-healing abilities
  • getting information and influencing others psychically with subjective communication
  • overcoming deep-seated negative beliefs and emotions
  • get rid easily of unwanted habits
  • improve your self-esteem
  • develop and enhance your intuition, insight and creativity
  • strengthen your immune system
  • Overcome insomnia, headaches, migraines, burnout and fatigue

So, if you have you ever wondered, if meditation can unleash your hidden mental powers, such as telepathy, clairvoyance or precognition or if it is really possible to perceive another persons thoughts or influence objects with your mind, this program is definitely for you.

Now, all this may sound miraculous, but there is scientific proof.


Silva Mind Control – How does it work? 

Many ancient teachings tell us, that we have the potential to gain extraordinary abilities through meditation. 2000 year old texts like the Yoga Sutras, teach us, that if we sit still, pay attention to our mind and practice this consistently, we would gain superpowers. Actually there are still Siddhas around, who practice these “superpowers”. They can communicate mind to mind, locate hidden objects at a distance with their inner eye, move objects with commands by thought only, just to name the most common ones.

Modern science has backed this up with decades of experiments and studies. Supernormal

The meditation techniques of the Silva Mind Method influence the frequency of your brainwaves so that you reach the Alpha State. Your brain is much more receptive and responsive in Alpha, a deeper state of mind (Read here about the different brainwave states). You learn to function mentally on a deeper level. They also are based on extending your whole brain thinking and using both brain hemispheres instead of just one.

Left-brain thinking makes use of objective, intellectual, and logical means while Right-brain thinking connects an individual to a “higher intelligence” or your intuitive mind. Through intuition or Effective Sensory Projection (ESP) you become in tuned to all the information available, anywhere it exists.

(The new theories in physics explain that all information past and future exist in the Vacuum or Zero-Point-Field and we are all connected to it, it is just a matter of tuning into it, which can be achieved through meditation)

“If you don’t create your own reality, it will be created for you.”

According to Dr. Silva, the attainment of ESP is an innate ability in all humans and can be developed with simple visualization and projection techniques.

To summarize it, the Silva Method can be used to tap into your inner knowledge, wisdom and expand your thinking to manage stress, solving problems and getting more out of life.

Are you ready to discover the hidden powers of your mind?

If so, here is your opportunity! Give it a try.

3 Meditations of the Silva Method – try for yourself

Mind Relaxation Exercise:


Accessing your Intuition Exercise:


Mirror of the Mind Technique: Meditative Hypnosis guided meditation for manifesting your dreams. Based on the Law of Attraction.


Source: “The Silva Mind Control Method” by Jose Silva, “Supernormal” by Dean Radin

Photocredit: Butterfly, Pixabay