The Next Einstein: Nassim Haramein and his Theory of Everything

“This is just the beginning of a massive revolution in physics, and our scientific understanding of reality” Nassim Haramein

Have you ever looked upon the stars and wondered about the secrets of the universe?
Have you ever wished to travel the universe among the billions of stars to another galaxy? I have …

Although with earth traveling 1.000 miles per hour through the universe, we are actually traveling the universe already. Many are not aware of this fact, we don’t just hang in there … 😉

Physicists, researching the universe, are conservative revolutionaries pushing humanity forward every single day. I truly honor that.

Many physicists spend their lifetime on a quest to solve the cosmic code to figure out the very structure and internal logic of the universe. And each time, a physicist is successful in proving a new theoretical idea with experiments, the old worldview falls, scattered into pieces. This happened with Albert Einstein and again with Max Planck, the father of quantum physics, leading each time to a scientific revolution, which transformed the understanding of reality. Quantum theory destroyed the deterministic worldview.

Classical physics since Einstein are still at war with quantum physics as one cannot merge with the other with present understandings. Einstein always resisted the “quantum weirdness” and insisted we are missing information with which reality can be explained also through classical physics.

As we know, sometimes it takes an unconventional view to look at things in a very new perspective to achieve a breakthrough.

The physicist Nassim Haramein has started where Einstein left off after his death. His new theory has the nickname “Einstein with a twist” as he takes gravity and the power of spin into consideration.

Breakthrough: The secrets of the universe finally uncovered ?

Mark your calendar, this may be a historic moment you will tell your grandkids about. If this new theory becomes accepted by mainstream science (which might take a few years) our reality as you know it will take a quantum leap.

The phrases

“everything is connected”
“you create your reality”
“we are one”
“you are light”
“look within”

will take on a whole new meaning for you after you read and watch the insights of physicist Nassim Haramein. I couldn’t possibly summarize to you what he teaches in his 6 hour lecture. You can only reach a deeper understanding going on this journey with little and big aha-moments along the road by yourself.

Watching his lecture takes commitment.

If his theory is correct, it will crush your old worldviews sooner or later. If you are in for sooner, watch his lecture. Be ready for a quantum leap in thinking.

You don’t have to believe anything. If you believe something or not doesn’t change the fact that the world is round and not flat. And next thing we know, it might be hollow. Remember the Wright brothers? Everyone thought they are crazy, when they claimed to be able to fly. So, do you think Nassim Haramein is crazy, because he built a prototype space drive that will make space travel possible sooner than you think?

You will find his lecture at the bottom of this post, to give you a sneak preview watch the trailer to “The connected universe”:

Meditation is not what you think it is

Haramein took Einsteins work further and came up with a unified field theory. He published a radical paper “Quantum Gravity and the holographic mass“ and received an award for his simple and elegant solution. It has been experimentally confirmed. He also came up with a “universal scaling law for organized matter”.

His theory brings together the quantum and the classical physics into a unified theory of everything. Many mainstream scientists are not fond of him, but this happened to many revolutionaries. They were killed, ignored or banned in history until time proved them right. Frontier work is often considered crazy. Always keep an open mind.

Haramein explains with his theory many paraphysical phenomena like remote viewing and telepathy. It explains the mysterious effects of entanglement in Quantum physics.

He proved mathematically that all protons are entangled, connected through the very structure of the universe, the Vacuum/Zero-Point-Field/Morphogenic Field (whatever you want to name it). He claims that a proton is actually a mini black hole spinning at the speed of light. Haramein is not the first to claim, we can derive Zero Point Free Energy from the vacuum to power the whole planet.


In his theory, suddenly the pyramids make sense, the Yin Yang sign, the Flower of Life, writings of eastern religions and even the Old Testament. All combined through geometry and mathematical equations. And by the way, human history is not what you have been taught in school …

He made a beautiful statement about meditation in his lecture:

“You have access to an extremely large amount of information through going within, towards singularity. You hold within yourself all knowledge.”

And mathematically he proved it.

Take the time to watch his lecture and make up your own mind.

„Throughout our history, the ability to think differently has been at the foundation of all innovation and societal change within our cultures. This is especially true when it comes to our scientific understanding of the nature of the world and cosmos.”
-The Resonance Academy

Nassim Haramein founded the non-profit Resonance Foundation to conduct research in the field of Unified Physics and to develop technologies that apply these discoveries to solving some of humankinds’ most fundamental challenges.

Lecture Part 1:

You can find Lecture Part 1-6 on YouTube.

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