The Hawaiian Dynamind Technique for fast healing of physical & emotional pain

Recently I was suffering a decent amount of pain and didn’t want to take pain killer medicine for so long. I decided to experience with different self-healing techniques and was quite amazed by the results of the Dynamind Technique.

Dynamind is a Hawaiian healing technique developed by the shaman Serge Kahili King, who is famous for teaching Hawaiian Huna and Shamanic Healing Arts. Dynamind proved very effective as a fast and easy way to ease a variety of physical and emotional pains. King suggests that all pain is caused by tension in the body and as soon as you release the stress and the tension, healing can take place.

In this video Serge Kahili King demonstrates the method in a matter of minutes.

So how does it work?

Basically the technique is based on words (intentions), imagination, touch and breath.

Before you begin check the intensity of the pain on a scale from 1-10.

Step 1:

Form a hand position with your fingers of both hands touching each other. You can hold the hands in front of your navel in a relaxed position. Take a deep breath and close your eyes if you like.

Step 2:

Now say the following words:

 “I have a pain/problem in my neck … “(where do you feel the pain as specific as possible in symptoms, place and sensation)

“… and that can change”

“I want the pain/problem to go away”

Step 3:

Tap your body lightly with 3 fingers on these 4 energetic points:

  • thy thymus area,
  • the Hoku points on each hand (where thumb and middle finger meet in the hand),
  • 7th cervical vertebra (the hump on your back at the top of the spin, where you neck begins)

Step 4:

Now focus on a point above your head, take a deep breath in and when breathing out focus on a point below your feet. This breathing technique in Huna is called „piko piko“.

Check the intensity again on the scale of 1-10 and if necessary begin another round to bring it down to 0.


Additional Rounds:

Sometimes it is very helpful to work with your imagination. After saying the above statements check if your intuiton comes up with pictures, for example if you have a stabbing pain in your knee, imagine pulling a knife out. Ask yourself if the pain/problem had a form/colour/weight … what would it be and look like. Imagine angels helping you getting rid of the problem. Let your imagination run free here. Afterwards continue with tapping and the breath.

If you don’t feel any ease at all, there might be an emotional cause blocking it.

You can use the same method and include instead the statement „I may have anger in my shoulders …” Check if you have anger or fear first, the two biggest emotions that cause most stress. If you feel a hunch, you can try anything from sadness, anxiety, guilt, resentment etc. Finish up with stating  „I want the feeling to go away“.

It is also possible that your symptoms will get better within the next hours and days, the studies showed delayed effects quite often.


Find a more detailed explanation of the method here. (free PDF)

Find an empirical study and further explanation here. (free PDF)

King also published a book “Healing for Millions” in which he explains the Dynamind Technique and many case studies in detail. I was quite fascinated by it.

If you stumbled upon this article because you are in pain, I bless you and wish you feel better very soon <3!