The 3 most important questions to ask yourself and my bucket list ;)

As Awesomenessfest is just around the corner (I am superexcited) I would like to share with you an exercise from Mindvalley. This exercise might change how you think about goal setting and it helps you see your dreams, aspirations and desires for your life more clearly. I came around doing it on my first Awesomenessfest in Mexico and this blog is one result of it 😉

In this video Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley, will present to you the 3 most important questions to ask yourself.

You can also download the PDF for the exercise here.

Have fun 😉

Once you have your goals set, use this exercise to get to the heart of what you truly want:

1) Identify a current goal
2) Answer this question: When I achieve this goal, I will be able to

3) Answer this question: When I achieve all this, I will feel 
4) Identify the true underlying objectives (what is it you truly want?)
5) Compare these to the original goal and ask yourself, if this is the only/best way to achieve this.


Creating a bucket list is also a powerful tool to write up a blueprint for your life. Make a list of all the things you would like to do and experience in life. Sit down and make a big list of your dreams, the first ones will probably include hopping on the plane and traveling somewhere, but make sure travel fantasies are not the only thing on your list. Be specific and even write down things for your daily life. A good bucket list will grow and change over time. It is just as exciting to add new things as crossing items off.

Here is my bucket list for now. Publishing it here, might give it a manifesting boost 😉


Jea´s Bucket List

(May 2015)

– live completely off my passive income streams

– publish at least 3 books

– visit Hawaii (Kauai)

– help people with energy medicine

– spend a honeymoon vacation in a water villa, not leaving the room much … 😉

– buy a sailing boat

– participate in Awesomenessfest

– learn Qi Gong

– have a romantic vacation on a small south sea island

– sleep on the beach

– experience the digital nomad lifestyle

– Live like Julia Roberts in “Eat Pray Love” in Bali for a few months

– go on a meditation retreat and have some really cool insights

– learn how to eat and cook healthy stuff

– get married on an island, just the two of us

– meet an extraterrestial being

– step in the footsteps of my grandpa and make him proud (he introduced Anaesthesia in Germany after the war and was awarded by the Queen of England for that)

– step in the footsteps of my grandpas uncle, who worked with Rudolf Steiner and helped to found the Waldorf Education & Schools

– have a house by the lake in the woods

– travel around the world for a year as a backpacker

– drive a red jeep Wrangler through the jungle/woods

– going out for dinner with Colin Farell 🙂

– spend a night in a 1000 Dollar hotelroom

– Take a stunning picture of the Manhattan Skyline

– Sleep in rusty simple bamboo huts in the jungle or on the beach

– live on a tropical island in a pool villa

– look inside a vulcano

– cancel everything and hop on a plane the next day

– start my own business

– listen to a lecture from a quantum physicist at Harvard or Stanford

– learn Hawaiian Huna

– overcome my spider issue

– give birth and be a really cool mom

– eat a delicious 7 course dinner at a fancy restaurant

– learn skiiing

– fly in a water plane

– dress up like in a fantasy movie and have a party at a fairytale location

– earn 100.000 Euro in just one year

– figure out how energy medicine works

– see the northern lights

– spend a weekend on Ibiza going dancing with girlfriends

– figure out the secrets of the universe

– travel business class on a flight

– still live when humans are able to travel to other galaxies

– help my little nephews become amazing men and be a really cool aunt 🙂