Stop subconscious sabotage: Rewire your brain with transformational hypnotherapy

Wiring the attributes of the world’s best directly into your brain to become a happy super-achiever in 8 weeks – sounds tempting, right? Well that’s what I am doing right now. Having met Marisa at Awesomenessfest last year, I was excited to find out she would be offering an online coaching program for the first time with Mindvalley.

Marisa Peer is one of the best hypnotherapists worldwide. She coaches usually royalty, rockstars, political leaders, billionaires, olympic athletes and the like.

„when you use transformational hypnotherapy with the right understanding, you are literally rewiring your brain. Even science has proven this fact.“

Marisa Peer

Hypnotherapy is a combined coaching session with hypnosis. This way you reach a deeper understanding on a conscious and subconscious level of what is being programmed into your mind. The hypnosis takes you into a Theta brain wave state, where your mind becomes very suggestable. There are different levels in hypnosis from being suggestable with eyes open to recalling past experiences that you have buried deeply and long forgotten.

My first experience in a hypnosis-session was mindblowing. It was about becoming rejection-proof and I saw three scenes from my childhood pop up, where I had experienced rejection. One concerned my parents and the other two happened at school in the classroom. I experienced a few big AHA-moments regarding certain behaviour because of this. And with this new understanding I am able to change now and overwrite old patterns. Additionally we received hypnosis-downloads to program new thinking patterns into our mind.

I am absolutely loving this course, because just like meditation, it is effortless, easy, relaxing and fun. My brain is learning new things on such a deep level, that it sticks with me for life. And I am learning from the best. Marisa discovered in her 25 years of coaching the top 1 % superachievers what transformations and mindsets you need in order to become truly successful in everything you do.

Our brain dictates what we do and achieve, so it’s time to give our brain an update by any means, don’t you think?

There are many ways to upgrade yourself. Start reading personal growth and success books, learn NLP, listen to paraliminals to reprogram your subconscious, use affirmations, clear old beliefs that keep you stuck with energy work – the list goes on. I have tried out a lot of these tools already, and for now I feel hypnotherapy is the most powerful.

I would like to share with you now a simple, but powerful takeaway from the first training.

Your mind does what it thinks you want it to do. Be very careful what you tell it to do.

Watch it here:

The following video teaches you 4 things about your mind and if you put these into practice you will be more likely to succeed:

If you are interested in experiencing a hypnosis download from Marisa, you can find a free “lovability” download on her website

You can also read about the program “Uncompromised Life” and book it for a special price here.