ZivaMind Meditation Training

$ 250.00

The first online meditation training!  zivaMIND will give you powerful performance tools to quickly learn that meditation can be effortless and enjoyable.

ZivaMIND is an in depth, yet easy to follow, online meditation training course. This is not another ‘challenge’. Over 8 days you’ll move through a carefully curated program that gives you a sustainable meditation practice that you’ll want to commit to. zivaMIND only takes 35 min a day for 8 days, 20 min in the am and 10-15 min in the evening is recommended but feel free to do the program in your own time. This can be done anywhere in the world!
Over 8 days you’ll use a series of training videos, Q & A calls, guided visualizations + motivational tools.
Each of the 8 easy to follow videos will build upon the previous day’s teachings. You’ll choose your own mantra, learn the mechanics of correct meditation, discover how to handle stress release and most importantly understand how to fit meditation into your busy life in a way that you enjoy.
You will receive 4 guided visualizations (1 as soon as you enroll) to up your game in any situation:
  • zivaSLEEPS helps you fall asleep faster and gives you deeper more restful sleep
  • zivaPERFORMANCE designed to help you before big events when you want to perform at the top of your game
  • zivaTRAVEL reduces jetlag. Use this for take off and landing so you arrive refreshed and ready to rock.
  • zivaRELEASE helps you through the UNstressing process. Sometimes stress has the same flavor on the way out as it did on the way in.

The zivaMIND calendar gives you a visual way to track your progress and helps keep you committed to your goals.


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