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About Asaya Unbenannt-2

Asaya is all about teaching the life changing powers of meditation, energy healing and inspiring new ways of thinking to bring more happiness and health into our world.

It’s for you, if you want to go beyond and discover knowledge that helps you live up to your true potential. Let’s boost your mind power, health, creativity, intuition, and happiness with modern meditation techniques, energy healing,  visualizations, hacking mental models and teachings from leading experts around the world!

Revolutionary research, stunning new scientific discoveries, ancient wisdom and insights from thought-leaders around the world will spark a quantum leap in your thinking, This knowledge with the right tools will help you achieve your deepest goals and dreams faster than you can imagine. Never again underestimate the power of your thoughts!

Asaya means intention in Sanskrit and intention is the key… The journey into your minds potential begins with a clear understanding of the true power of your thoughts and intentions.

There is nothing more personal than your own thinking. Live a better day!

About Til & Jea


You wake up in the morning feeling an indescribable joy and happiness bubbling inside you. You start humming at the thought of what you are doing today and you jump excited out of bed to live another amazing day.

….that is exactly what happened, when we started meditating regularly.

Happy for no reason. Sounds too good to be true, right? This is how meditation changed our life, from the inside out. It proved to us, happiness truly is an inside job.



And that’s just the beginning … with the intense practice of meditation and a growing awareness on my thought process, I started to feel energy in an intense way. My intuition improved, I learned to listen to my inner voice, which proved a knowing sometimes that is hard to grasp. Inspirations come to me now in a constant flow, mostly during meditations, but also sometimes in the middle of the night making me jump out of bed to write it down. Telepathic connections with people expanded from close family members to friends and people I work with or had just met. I tried experiments on thought power which absolutely blew my mind. And I became more and more aware of my thoughts, which resulted in handling every day situations much better. I am able to stay calm and relaxed and I live more in the present moment, enjoying what is and not what could be or could have been.

So, be prepared that meditation will do much more for you than simple stress reduction, it will polish and expand your mind in ways you never would have imagined. Your inner journey will be about expanding your world views and your understandings of yourself.

Upgrade your mind. Grow yourself. Go beyond.

During the past years I came across dozens of books and teachers, who fundamentally changed my entire perception and understanding about the nature of our world and how things work. I read amazing stories on current research and experiments in the field of quantum physics, new sciences like epigenetics, cell biology and neurosciences. Additionally I studied and learned many energy healing modalities, e.g. Reiki, Theta Healing, Reconnective Healing, EFT, Quantum Touch, Pranic Healing and learned from famous teachers like Donna Eden, Deborah King, Vianna Stibal, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Greg Bradden, Dr. Deepak Chopra. I truly believe now that the new discoveries will have a huge impact on humanity and the way our world works right now.

As Dr. Lipton stated it:

“We are heading towards a paradigmatic change to humanity as when a round-world reality was introduced to a flat-world civilization.”

So, if that resonates with you, let’s discover how a mind upgrade and energy healing can lead to more success, better health and a new life beyond your current dreams.

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Be part of the (r)evolution of mind into the quantum age!

With Love and Gratitude,