It’s in stillness you can sail to new horizons of your mind

Winter is quiet. The stillness it owns is standing brave against the fast-pacing world we live in. Snowfall is like a gentle love affair compared to the noisy, hard and passionate rainfalls of summer or the strong, fierce storms of spring. It’s in those quiet hours, when thoughts start to drift off to seldomly visited places in the mind. Realization of experienced wonders kicks in, giving vague hints of deeper insights to yet unnoted matters of reality. Indulging in a process of creating space for infinite and unthought-of thoughts – those flashing into existence through stillness and being present just now. Thoughts become things. It’s in stillness you can sail to new horizons of your mind.

Many men and woman are afraid to own their own minds, to even go to those deeper places of the mind, to ask questions, to stir up airy thoughts that challenge your status quo, to fully surrender to moments when stillness occurs. Many of them show a lack of self-awareness, suffering from unwanted thoughts, living in fear and self-doubt, always keeping themselves busy, hustling through the days. They have simply not yet chosen self-mastery or to work towards it. They fear the quietness, as they then would be able to hear their own thoughts. But the sounds of your own thoughts compose the truths of your life.

The day you realize and understand that your thoughts and emotions can be chosen, you will be able to live up to you true potential. Until that day you will find yourself drifting in an endless sea of impulses, social conditioning, unconscious reactions instead of a conscious, present moment awareness where you choose every minute how best to master what the current situation in your life demands of you.

Choose to use your mind in a more purposeful way in order to elevate your heart’s aspirations. The next time you feel sad and think, that there is nothing you can do about it, think again. Become aware of the thought first. It would be more accurate to notice that you are not using your mind to generate a feeling of happiness, instead that you are allowing sad feelings control your behavior right now, choosing to focus in being sad for a while. Understand that happiness is a mental habit. It’s a result of your thoughts and not impulses from situations and people. No one can make you sad unless you choose to think sad thoughts as a unconscious reaction instead of a conscious action.

Yes, controlling your mind is hard work. But when you understand that thoughts and emotions can be generated by your mind at will and you make proper use of that knowledge, it will lead to an emotional breakthrough. Some may call it enlightenment .

The choice is yours. Always.