How to de-bug your mental auto-programs

If you look at all the inventors and geniuses throughout history, like Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Beethoven, Leonardo Da Vinci, Richard Branson etc. , you can clearly see they had one thing in common: they all were thinking in a different way than the mainstream. They were open to look at existing things in new ways, they were open to believe in the impossible, they were open to see connecting dots where nobody else was.

At Awesomenessfest 2014 in Mexico I had lunch with Tom Chi, Inventor and Google Genius. He has a very brilliant way of looking at things. Get an impression by watching his talk. He highlights 5 mental debugs to redefine how we view the world and how to unlock your β€œGenius”.

Tom Chi was the head of innovation at Google X and he developed the prototype of Google Glasses within a day amongst many other inventions like the Google Selfdrive Car or The Global Internet Project. From being an astrophysics researcher to a Fortune 500 consultant he is known for his innovative ideas on human development, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Watch the talk and challenge yourself by looking at things differently from now on.