Hacking Flow and the Rise of Superman

Have you ever found yourself lost at work or in an activity, that you lost track of time?

When you are „in the zone“ or „in the flow“ you are totally lost in the moment, you experience no time, you feel at one with the world, you are completely focused at the task at hand, you feel happy and satisfied and stop thinking about anything else. You are in a state of being called the flow.

Meditation is a great way to directly access a state of flow. It kind of works as a trigger because surfing the alpha brainwaves is actually the doorstep to the state of flow.

The flow state of mind

What is flow – the science behind it

Every athletic championchip, significant progress in arts, major breakthroughs in science and top level performance in human history are the results of being in flow, having those moments, when lightening strikes.

The flow state is like a moving meditation. Action and awareness merge, it is an altered state of consciousness. Your self-consciousness disappears in flow, your self-talk shuts completely down. The whole front section goes offline.

In flow, the brain and all your senses are processing more information more quickly and much deeper. Your brain actually “deactivates” the conscious processing of information as it is very energy consuming. Your subconscious takes over completely. Time slows down or speeds up because you experience the deep “Now”, the brain cannot longer process what is past or future.

All the adventure sports are a great example for experiencing flow. Especially when your life is on the line, flow kicks in and helps you achieve the ultimate human performance.

In flow, motivation and creativity skyrocket, learning accelerates, risk-taking levels up and performance peaks.

During flow your brain releases five of the most performance enhancing neuro-chemicals. Being in the flow and wanting to get back into it is so addictive, because it is the only experience in life where all of these chemicals get flooded into your brain at once.

Norepinepherine: enhances focus, speed muscle reaction time
Dopamine: reward functionality, very addictive
Anandamide: pain reliever, enhances thinking outside of the box
Endoprhins: pain killers, social bonding
Serotonine: keeps us calm (heart of the Prozac revolution)


the flow


Many scientists are researching flow to push humanity to the next level. Secret agencies are already using this information and training their people to being “Superhumans”, but they are not sharing this information with the main stream.

Steven Kotler, bestselling Author and Co-Founder of the flow genome project is sharing great insights about what is actually possible for our species and how you also can better tap into your ultimate potential.

The Rise of Superman

I was blown away by his story and all the background information. If you have a spare hour, spend it wisely and watch this amazing talk about the state of flow in detail.

In his book The Rise of Superman he explains the neuroscience behind the mystery of the flow state, and provides the key to unlock innovation, creativity and ultimate achievement for leaders, entrepreneurs and anyone interested in the big and bold.

The Rise of Superman is an mesmerizing book about this potent state of mind. You will be inspired to brainhack your way up to the next level and evolve your mind.

Watch his talk at Google here:

Here is a shorter version at a TEDx event:

Photocredits: Talk at Google, Steven Kotler