FREE TOOL: AsayaMind Inner Journey Workbook

Every now and then it is time to go an inner journey. A journey is always a turning point. You are standing at a crossroad, ready to choose a different path. Your inner self is a truth seeker. But what are you actually seeking? Is it happiness, health or inner peace? By choosing to go inward, you choose to get to know yourself on a deeper and more authentic level.

This workbook is designed to assist you on your journey inwards and will guide you with exercises to transform the quality of your life or to get clear on your innermost desires, your passions and your core values.

It leaves you with a clear roadmap to what may be ahead of you. Don´t be mistaken, it might be hard work to go inward and face your deeper truths, digging around in the shadows of your past, facing regrets and picking up the strength for forgiveness.

But it will also get joyful when you uncover your desires and open your heart for a deeper understanding of yourself. You will reach a new sense of balance and a new strength and willingness to move forward in your life. This workbook is about awareness, setting intentions and about who you truly are.

Enjoy the journey within …

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