Energy Healing – Using applied quantum physics to transform any area of your life

Energy healing. For some it sounds so “woo woo”, but more and more people start doing it. It is hard to explain what it is and how it works unless you experience it yourself.

The theory is that every thought or experience you have had in your life is imprinted in your energy field (aura). If you get stuck in certain thought patterns, behaviors or experience certain emotions over and over again, these energy patterns thicken and move closer to your physical body. This often results in physical and emotional pain manifesting in your body. You might wonder why you keep attracting the same situations or people again and again. This is also due to a strong energy pattern in your system. Unless you clear those energy blockages, things will stay the same.

There have been countless stories on how physical diseases are magically removed after energy healing sessions, instant healings occurred, relationship patterns changed or how miraculously an abundance of money appeared in ones life after reprogramming the scarcity mindset.

So, this is why I invested thousands of dollars to learn energy healing.

I wanted to know how to do this kind of magic.

Now 3 months later, I am a Reiki Healer (read the full story here) and an Advanced Thetahealing Practitioner. ThetaHealing is a combination of applied Quantum Physics and Metaphysics, doing the healing or reprogramming in a Theta Brainwave state while Reiki works with Chi, universal source energy, in a hands-on-healing modality.

It’s hard to explain what one goes through, as the experiences are deeply emotional, personally and most likely different for everyone. For myself, it has been a journey into clearing my past, uncovering limiting beliefs I didn’t even know I had, understanding the relationship to my parents, understanding my habits and behavior, changing some of it, growing myself into more self-love, self-respect and confidence, developing my intuition, clairvoyance, clairsentience, healing emotional pains/heartaches, forgiving people and letting go of resentment, releasing a lot of anger (which I wasn’t even aware I had stored in the first place).

To sum it up, it is a fast and intense way to grow yourself past your own limitations and to truly learn a lot about yourself.

The most amazing thing is that I became highly sensitive and empathic to energy around me, be it from people or places. I just feel things now. When I am with a friend who suffers from high blood pressure, I feel this high blood pressure myself. When I do a distant body scan with Thetahealing I would experience the physical issues in my body, in that moment I can feel the pain myself. This experience has been a bit scary at first, but also quite exciting. My teacher advised that it is just a transition until the knowingness develops. At some point my body will stop feeling the pain of other people and I will just know where someone has an issue and how to assist with healing it. Anyone can train and develop their psychic senses, there is nothing mysterious about it.

What Theta Healing can do for you:

  • heal physical ailments by finding the negative thinking that causes it
  • heal emotional pain by releasing it
  • achieve greater health
  • resolve traumas, addictions and poor habits
  • release fears or phobias
  • uncover and reprogram limiting beliefs
  • manifest your dreams (abundance, soulmate, any goal you might have)
  • expand your intuition and spiritual guidance
  • develop your psychic abilities (e.g. clairvoyance)

You can find a Thetahealer all around the world (directory link). To fully experience it yourself, I recommend a personal one-on-one session.


One of my favorite enery healers is Christie Marie Sheldon. I learned about her at Awesomenessfest (AFest), a mindblowing personal growth event. I highly recommend her talk about raising your vibration to manifest your dreams.

You can also experience an energy session to clear your abundance blocks in this video right now.

Even though it is a replay, it works. In my experience not so strong as in person, but you will feel something.

To experience energy healing from the best, I hired an intuitive life coach, who has been taught by Christie Marie Sheldon. This way I got to experience this technique first-hand, it is similar to Thetahealing, but less talking and more intuitive body work. The sessions have been mindblowing, my body literally starts vibrating (high tingling sensation all over) and I feel so amazing and light right after – before I crash again into my normal vibration ;-). It’s a lot about becoming conscious about patterns and releasing this energy from your body (you feel it directly on your body).

What you might experience during an energy healing session:

  • yawning
  • heat waves
  • tingling in your body
  • body sensations, little pains in certain areas in your body
  • dizziness/nausea
  • crying/laughing
  • lightness

For anyone wanting to clear stuff around money, abundance, love or healing of any sorts, I can recommend Terrie Christine to try it out.