Einstein’s little Secret – How to become a Creative Genius

How is it possible, that a man, who suffered a speech difficulty in his younger years and a school dropout turned out to be one the brightest minds in the 20th century?

To answer the puzzling question, why Albert Einstein was such a bright and smart thinking genius, his brain was removed shortly after his death and studied by brain scientists. Studies showed that the regions of speech and language in the brain were indeed smaller while regions for mathematical intelligence were larger. Einstein didn’t learn how to speak until he was 3 years old, but he was fascinated with geometry and mathematics already at a young age. He also developed a passion for music demonstrating his creative abilities. In his teens he started playing the violin and fell in love with Mozart’s composings which continued throughout his life.

Einsteins brain

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Research of his brain showed that Einstein seemed to have more glial cells, which provide support and protection for the nerve cells (neurons). Scientists also found that the grey matter was thicker and larger than in normal brains. A larger grey matter is always associated with intelligence and a higher IQ. A more astonishing finding though, was a stronger and more extensive connection between the two brain hemispheres enabling the neurons of the right and left brain to communicate better.

Now here is a secret.

With a daily practice of meditation you can actually increase the size of your grey matter. It’s like taking your brain to the gym. The phenomenon that you can change your brain is called science of neuroplasticity. Many scientists nowadays think that this difference in communication between the hemispheres of your brain is the missing link between „normal“ minds and creative geniuses like Einstein, Tesla, Walt Disney or Steve Jobs.

Today you can find new cutting edge technology, e.g. Holosync or OmHarmonics that enables you to meditate like a Zen monk master without decades of meditation training. This mind training brings you besides growing your grey matter benefits like …Holosync

  • a better learning ability
  • better communication between your hemispheres
  • a better memory
  • more creativity
  • enhanced intuition and insights
  • greater focus and concentration
  • increase of benefial brainchemicals for your health, e.g. Dopamine, Endorphine
  • slower aging
  • stronger immune system
  • deeper sleep
  • less stress and anxiety




By researching on creativity, I have reflected on my own creative habits. What actually helps getting those creative sparks and insights? I had flashes of insight occur to me under the shower, during or right after a deep meditation, while taking naps or before dozing off to sleep at night or as a first thought when I wake up in the morning. Sometimes while driving longer times or walking through the woods talking to myself ;-).

So, the number #1 habit for creativity seems to be: solitude and the number #2: relaxation of the mind.

It is well known, that many creative geniuses made “taking a nap” part of their daily routine. Einstein also enjoyed relaxed sailing, long walks in the woods, daily power naps or getting lost in the moment while playing his violin. The modern version of “power naps” and reaching a relaxation of the mind is daily meditation, I would suggest ;-).

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Since I have started using these brain entrainment tools a short time ago, I did notice some of the above mentioned benefits. With intense meditation I have a stronger immune system and didn’t catch a flu last winter like everyone else (believe me, I used to be one of the first catching a cold), I have a deeper sleep with intense dreams, my extrasensory perceptions became more sensitive ( I have telepathic “coincidences” all the time) and it also seems that I do have more creative ideas than usual.

I am fascinated with the idea of evolving one’s mind. I am craving to know why some monks can boil water with the pure power of their thoughts, how some people can reprogram their subconscious beliefs to become a millionaire within a few years, how the power of belief can lead to instant healing or how someone can actually see and know things at a distance without having been there – ever (remote viewing). The mind is still a puzzling mystery in many ways.

Right now I am reprogramming my mind for the next 9 weeks with a special “money mindset” brain training program. If you are curious, sign up for my newsletter to join me on this journey and stay up to date with my latest research of the magic powers of the mind. Looking forward to see you in the “inner circle” 😉