Do this Death Meditation when you feel stuck in life

There will be times in your life where you feel your motivation leave you, you question the work you are doing, the life you live. You may find yourself at a crossroad, not knowing which path to choose. You might still be looking for answers quite out of reach, but deeply yearning for that knowing. Or you just lost that sense of wonder, which you once had, that passion that was your driving force. Whatever it maybe, today I would like to share with you a powerful, intense form of meditation: The Death Meditation.

Be warned, this one will be intense, but it will also take you deep down into your core being. You will ask yourself questions, you don’t dare to answer in daily life. And the answers might surprise you. This is an exercise that will cut right through the mental chatter in your head and get to the bottom of what your soul needs. You will come out knowing what matters in your life and all else will die. The death meditation will show you what you need to let go and how to move ahead.

I found this meditation in the book “Fierce Medicine” by the founder of Forrest Yoga, Ana T. Forrest. What I like about her Yoga style is the combination of Yoga and Energy Healing. Definitely a good read.

Do this meditation in the evening. Make sure you have one hour of undisturbed time, tissues and pen and paper. Make sure you take your time with every question and really really let the feelings in, get out of your head. Imagine yourself in this situation. It will be fierce medicine, literally.


Death Meditation

Close your Eyes. Start breathing deeply. Feel your breath moving through your body, feel your heart beating.

Now imagine you have only 12 more hours to live.

What would you do in these last 12 hours of your life? Get into the feeling that these are your last hours on earth. How will you spend them? How does this make you feel? See all your dreams and aspirations fade away because there is no time for them anymore. Take deep breaths, feel death coming closer.

Now ask yourself these questions.

  1. Feel the death of your hopes and dreams. Everything you wanted to do, tried to achieve. Feel this loss. Write down everything you regret.
  2. What are your unfinished conversations? What did you want to say to your loved ones or someone you have been fighting with. What do you need to say before you die to whom? Write down what you would say to these people.
  3. Stay connected to the feeling of death coming closer, feel these last 12 hours. Become clean, what are you still withholding? What are you not expressing clearly about yourself? Write down whats holding you back.
  4. Feel the numbness and cold of death, the dying of hopes. The running of your last hours. Get deep into the feeling. Ask yourself, what are you still imprisoned by? Write it down honestly. Savor your last breaths, your precious life.
  5. Check in with yourself, what have you been lying about to yourself? How have you sabotaged yourself, your success? Write down the lies you have told yourself.
  6. Now is all you have to be honest to yourself, can you see in your life, what should have died long ago? What kept you stuck from living your potential? See what you need to let go, like dead leaves falling off a tree. If a leaf needs to go and it doesn’t fall by itself, tear it off the tree. What needs to die in your life in order for you to live freely? What habit, which bad relationship, which illness, which food, which pain? Write down what needs to die.
  7. Take another breath, feel the cold death creaping up your body towards your lungs. Your breathing becomes heavy, slowing your blood and heart. What are the final words to your loved ones? Write them down.
  8. Do you see now what is important to you in your life? Who and what matters most? Write it down.
  9. Now feel death coming over your heart. Your heart stops. At this moment, make a choice. Make a warriors choice to choose the life path you deeply desire. Use deaths power to strap away everything that doesn’t matter anymore, that doesn’t serve you, that needs to die in order for you to evolve into a new life. Let death take away what you need to be free of.
  10. Now take a deep fresh breath after return from death. Feel your body and blood sparkle. Fill all the empty spaces with new fresh air and feel new energy arise in your body. Breathe in the new life force! Breathe life back into your heart. What are the dreams you are willing to invest now? Write them down. Keep breathing while you write, feel the new power in your life. Feel free!

 Take another deep breath. Now you know what matters to you truly and deeply. Can you live it?