Warning: 10 experiments that will forever change how you think about your thinking

This blog is about discovering and unleashing your minds potential. It is not my intention to dictate how you should think, rather help you discover the power of your thoughts by developing better thinking styles and skills. My goal is to inspire new ways of thinking to improve your life and the way our world works.

This journey into the minds potential begins with a clear understanding of the true power of your thoughts and intentions. Your thoughts are so powerful that they can actually determine your health, impact other people and …, sit tight, change physical matter. The recent ongoing mind over matter research proves to be very real. I will not venture into quantum physics with you at this point, but instead show you 10 experiments from international scientists who experiment with how thoughts can affect matter and your very reality.

“Targeting your thoughts – or what scientists refer to as “Intention” appeared to produce an energy potent enough to change physical reality. A simple thought seemed to have the power to change our world”

– Lynne McTaggart, The Intention Experiment

 Welcome to cutting-edge scientific research 😉


Experiment #1:

Your thoughts are energy that is being transmitted by the mind. Like a TV antenna you send and receive information this way. Scientists have found that the normal electrostatical energy being emitted by your heart shows around 10-15 millivolt on the EEG. When you meditate it goes up to 3 Volt. In experiments at Stanford University it has been proven that directed thoughts (intentions) produce a physical energy, even over remote distance. The actual electrical frequency that was measured during healing intentions even went up to 190 Volt. There are studies on healing intentions as well as Qigong-Masters sending out Qi (life force energy) that measured energy frequencies between 2 and 30 Hertz. The power of this energy can affect the molecular structure of matter. It has also been scientifically proven that your thoughts are not only a electrostatical energy, but also a magnetic energy.

In later studies experienced meditators sent focused thoughts on water with the intention to affect its molecular structure and examined that it indeed changed the molecular structure and wavelength of the water qualities. The power of thoughts on water has been studied quite a few times already, the most famous experiment is by Mr Emoto, see experiment Nr. 2.

Or have a look at this experiment, where an artist manipulated the structure of water with her mind. Lisa Park monitored her own brain activity during meditation and transposed this energy onto dishes of water to create zen-like vibrations.


Experiment #2:

Mr Masaru Emoto has done hundreds of experiments, testing the effect thoughts and emotions have on water molecules. He proved that indeed the water structure is affected by positive and negative thoughts. His photographs of the changed water structure by even a single word of a positive intent (love) or negative intent (disgust) have made it around the world. Have a look at them on his website here.

Mr. Emoto has been able to proof a connection between our positive attitude and the outer reality through experiments on water molecules. It is quite remarkable to observe water crystals ‘transform’ their essence according to the nature of the situation. The human body constitutes 70% of water: therefore it has now been scientifically established that we also are affected by our environment. Mr Emoto has done a similar experiment on rice to proof the effect of thoughts on the very structure of molecules. Impressive how your thoughts and emotions can effectually influence the outer world, right?



Experiment #3:

Now a lot of people argue that the quantum world has nothing to do with our “real” reality and that you cannot find or use the “magical” quantum effects in our physical world. Well, this is not correct. Science has now discovered that the nature of thoughts and intentions is of quantum orders.

In 1970´s the German physist Fritz Albert Popp has made the discovery that all living things emit tiny particles of light, a constant stream of light photons. (Spiritual people call this the aura ;-)). In science they are called “biophoton emissions”. You might already have heard of the “Kirlian photography”, named after its inventor Ingenieur S.D. Kirlian, that can actually take pictures of this light emanating from our body or plants, animals, even “material” things. Popps research has concluded in the idea that these light waves are like an information system, able to carry information through your body almost instantly. He founded the International Institute of Biophysics, which constitutes of 15 scientific groups around the globe, including the famous CERN institute in Switzerland.

Later, scientist G. Schwartz took pictures of this light when Reiki healers sent a healing intention and this intention showed as streams of laser like light waves from the hand of the healers. The quality of these biophotons was a super-powerful frequency known as “superradiance”. This living energy was able to “organize itself into a giant coherent state with the highest form of quantum order known to nature”. This “super-power-state” had actually already been discovered by Einstein 70 years ago, called the “Einstein-Bose-Condensate”. Scientists believed that this state only occurred in the subatomic world. Later W. Ketterle won the Nobelprize in 2001 for discovering that this state can be measured in the biophotons emitting from all plants, animals and humans.

The conclusion of these findings is that directed thoughts (intention) manifests as a ordered stream of biophotons, as fast as the speed of light. One focused thought is like a laser light, operating on such high ordered frequencies that it can change the molecular structure of matter. Healers operate like this since thousands of years and can change/heal cells (matter) with their high frequency intention of other people or themselves.


“A thought radiates out like star light, affecting everything on its path”

– L. McTaggert


Experiment #4:

During his work on inventing a lie detector scientist Backster accidently discovered the telepathy of plants. He was able to show experimentally how plants react on human thoughts and how they also seem to communicate with each other using telepathy. So, next time you water your plants tell them how much you appreciate them in your apartment, they can hear you ;-). That’s not a joke, it has been scientifically confirmed. When German biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp proved the existence of biophotons, the light emissions from every living thing on earth, it lead to many startling insights into the life processes. There now seems to be evidence that there is a constant flow of information between all living things, a “quantum communication”. Dr. Popp claims that organisms use this “light” to “talk” to other organisms and suggested that this could explain telepathy. It seems like human beings and plants already have their own wireless internet based on our DNA. Wow!


Experiment #5:

The experiments of the “Love study” wanted to show the effects your thoughts can have on another person. For that couples were separated in different rooms, which were isolated by walls of steal. An EEG recorded the brain waves of both persons. The sender was asked to send a thought with an image to the receiver and the results showed that it recorded identical brain wave patterns. The receivers brain acted like he was seeing the same image at the same time. Couples who were meditating regularly showed even better results. The EEGs synchronized immensely when the couple was in a loving relationship, a close sibling or experienced meditators. So when one person sends an intention to another person, their brain waves synchronize, no matter the distance. It also showed that training and especially meditation leads to better results. It has been scientifically proven that meditation establishes more coherent brain waves and more coherent biophoton emissions. Other factors for success of the intention seem to be focus, belief that it works, love and compassion for the other, So next time you think of a person or your loved one, be well aware that the other subconsciously does receive your thoughts …


Experiment #6:

In Tohate, a mental fight between two Qigong-Masters, one sends the intention to knock the other one back by thought only. Scientists pondered on the question if the effect of Tohate is psychological or physiological. They installed EEGs and tracked their movements while practicing Tohate from different floors of the building (one could not see the other when he would intent to mentally hit him). They registered an increase in Alpha brain waves when the master sent the Qi energy and the beta brain waves synchronized immediately. The most amazing thing they recovered, though, was that the receiver registered the “ouch”-hit-moment a few moments before the sender even mentally pinched. There have been numerous studies in science on the fact, that humans receive a physical foreboding of an event. Which leads us to the question, what role plays time in our world and what is time?


Experiment #7:

The well-known Placebo effect also results from your very thoughts on the subject and shines some light on the role of your thoughts and beliefs in your physical health. Placebos today are successfully used by medics and psychiatrists to cure patients through ‘emotional incentives’. To read more about the Placebo Effect, I can highly recommend reading the book of Dr. Joe Dispenza “You are the Placebo”. It shows how its possible to heal by thought alone when you have positive expectations. Dr. Joe Dispenza draws upon a lifetime of experience to describe how subtle shifts in the way we use our brains are the quantum key to life-affirming changes in our bodies, our lives, and our relationships.

One “funny” experiment was carried out by students of the Princeton University, in which they tricked their fellow students into pretentious intoxication by giving out beer bottles (placebos) containing minimum alcohol level. The students, who consumed the fake ‘highly-alcoholic’ beer, demonstrated those same antics, which are usually associated to a drunken person i.e. clumsy step, sleeping on the floor, blubbering speech and etc.

You can watch a well-explained summary of the placebo effect here.


Experiment #8:

Research has also shown that negative thoughts and visualizations can have a negative effect on your body. By thinking negative thoughts you damage the health of your own cells. It is as if the negativity is somehow infectious and takes on a physical form. That is also known as the Nocebo-Effect, the result of a negative thought. If you’ve been told by a doctor you’ll die in six months and your mind believes it, you most likely will die in six months. The importance here is, if your mind believes this!!! A belief emerges from collective affirmations within your mind (to put it more simple: you think a thing over and over again). Studies have shown that people with negative thought patterns (anger, fear, guilt, no self-worth) heal much slower from an injury than positive thinking people.

Scientific evidence also suggests that human thoughts regularly manipulate the chemical nature of our body. Recently, doctors have been able to prove that of all biological reasons behind the spread of sickness and disease, 75% of them originate in the mind; which means that out of a hundred sick people, 75 of them must have fallen sick due to a negative thought process. Impressive, right?

For example, depression is a direct result of alterations in DNA cells caused by the constant flow of negative thoughts. Consequently, high levels of depression result in mental conditions such as, Alzheimer’s disease and Asthma, therefore stress-related disorders are initiated by an event in the brain.

So, this proves positive thinking is highly important for your health and well-being!



Experiment #9:

William Tiller, physicist at Stanford university had the idea to test, when thoughts were energy, if it would not be possible to imprison this “thought energy” into electronic memory to later release it to affect the physical world. He has written over 250 scientific papers on how remote influence worked and was fascinated by the idea to charge a machine with a human intention. Since he could not test this idea on another human, he used the next best thing to a human: a fruit fly. They programmed the little black box with a highly specific intention to raise the ATP production in the fruit fly larvae and meditated for 15 minutes with this intention in mind on the box. He set up a second laboratory in Minnesota and shipped the imprinted box and an empty box 1500 miles away. The other scientists put the box inside the larvae cages without knowing which is the imprinted one and the studies began. They discovered that the intention indeed raised the ATP level and that it also affected the genealogical line of the fruit flies. They repeated this experiment often and found that the effect got stronger every time. The longer the imprinted box was in the room, the stronger the effect. It was as if the intention was also conditioning the room where the experiments were carried out. When they removed the box, the effect continued. The intention appeared to also charge the environment. This quantum effect changed the reality of the room. The oscillations he measured had the Einstein-Bose-condensate, the highest state of coherence. The idea of “charged places” can actually be experienced at all sacred sites on the planet. With portable REGs high vortexes of coherent energy have indeed been measured there.


Experiment #10:

Mental rehearsal has been used for many years by all kinds of athletes and sports enthusiasts. Focused intention and visualization has been proved to alter and improve the physical performance. By practicing in your mind, you become better and better. Any modern coach uses mental rehearsal to train his students. Mental rehearsal is different from positive thinking as you pre-think and pre-feel the situation as if it was real. You watch a mental video, observing yourself. The most important thing here is to include all your senses and think as if it was real and already happening. Research has shown that the electrical activity in the brain is the same whether we are only thinking it or actually doing it.

A study showed that people training their biceps in their mind increased their muscles by 15 % while the other group who actually went to the gym for a real training increased the muscles by 30 %. So pure mental training is almost as effective as a real workout 😉 (There is a lof of literature on bio-feedback and mind-body medicine, how you can mentally influence your body.)


“Every thought we have is a tangible energy with the power to transform. A thought is not only a thing; a thought is a thing that influences other things.”

– Lynne McTaggart


So, all of these experiments show that we have an immense level of responsibility when thinking our thoughts. And if that got you all excited, I would like to invite you to embark on the largest mind-over-matter experiment in history by first reading the books “Zero Point Field” and “The Intention Experiment” by Lynne McTaggart and secondly to take part in ongoing group intention experiments on the website www.theintentionexperiment.com. If you want to dive a bit deeper down the rabbit hole you might want to watch “What the bleep do we know”. Or just try out your own intention experiments, I will share some of mine in a later post ;-).


Source: All these experiments can be read in detail in “The Intention Experiment” by Lynne McTaggart