5 Ways Meditation will transform your Life

How can you perfectly describe the taste of chocolate to a person who has never tasted it before?

The same applies for meditation. Today I am sharing with you the transformational journey of my friend Ashok (one of the first 100 certified white hat hackers on this planet). Results of scientific studies are one thing, hearing and seeing the results directly on your friends are another.


Meditation releases all tension and stress

I had a heart attack at a very young age. My job, running a Computer Consultants Business requires being on call 24×7. I was very tired as I work many hours and have a non-consistent schedule. My company specializes in Information Security. I was one of the first 100 people certified anywhere in the world. Simplistically, I am a White Hat Hacker (good hacker). We protect the companies from getting attacked and loosing data to Black Hat Hackers (bad hackers). My job is (was) very stressful as it involves constantly studying the latest techniques to stay on top of my field.

After I started doing Meditation, my energy level got boosted many folds. I have more energy than my friends much younger than me. People started noticing the difference and asking questions like “What is Ashok high on? How does he have so much energy on a Monday morning?” The fact is I am high on life and mindful of everything that is happening around me.


Meditation makes you mindful about the present moment

I learned meditation from Emily Fletcher of Ziva Meditation and was doing regular meditation for 4 months twice a day for 20 minutes. I always enjoyed eating, listening to music, dancing. After starting my Meditation practice, I became mindful of all this and enjoyed it more. I am here in the NOW.

I love and enjoy the snow, the rain and the sunshine. I love my days and I adore my peaceful nights. My prospective towards everything I do now is completely changed. Food is not something I eat to live but something I love to eat. Dancing took a whole new meaning. I have so much energy that I can go to a club after working for the whole day and not be tired. I can feel the air I breathe. I can enjoy my shower in the morning and feel the water droplets caressing my body. I enjoy the traffic jams going to work as I am mindful of all the people stuck in traffic with me. Many of my friends are amazed by the energy I have now. When everyone gets tired like 3 AM in the morning, I am still dancing.

Meditation makes you sleep like a baby

My friends started telling me to get some sleep as I was only getting 4.5 hours of sleep every day, not because I was tired but we were told that 7-8 hours of sleep is necessary.

One day Emily Fletcher invited me to Rounding, an advanced meditation workshop that she calls “Industrial Strength Meditation”. It is a combination of Yoga, Meditation and much more. I was a little skeptical about it first. I do Yoga and I do Meditation so what is Rounding – I wasn’t sure, but I will always go for anything new to explore and learn. I will take risks because if I don’t, how will I grow.

It made so much of a difference.

I came back and slept for hours only to be waken by an alarm clock. Now I feel so peaceful, rested, and blissful all the time. I had a very challenging day at work but I didn’t feel any stress. I was able to take care of all issues by not being stressful.

Every meditation is like charging my batteries to full power. I don’t feel the need to sleep longer hours. My sleep got better, not longer. Now I get deep sleep. I don’t need more hours of sleep as I have enough energy to go for a long time. After working 10-12 hours, I still go to the club and dance without feeling any fatigue.


Experience the “After-Sex-Happiness” without having Sex

I was always skeptical about how can a person perfectly describe the taste of chocolate to another who never tasted it. It is impossible to do this. The other person would have to take a leap of faith and try it for himself or herself. I felt the same way with Meditation. It is really hard to describe how I feel after doing a regular meditation practice, but I will try it anyway.

When two humans love each other (in traditional sense) they show it by having great sex. It is a beautiful way to show our immense love for one another. So I think, I found a way to explain how you feel with a regular meditation practice. The feeling of euphoria you have after you have the best sex with your partner, the feeling just after orgasm, the feeling that lasts only for a few seconds or minutes … you will feel the same way not for seconds or minutes but for hours and days after meditation. You will be in a blissful state. You will love every moment of your life. You will cherish every bite of food you eat, rejoice every season, love the snow, feel romantic in the rain whether you have a partner or not, bathe in the beautiful golden rays of Sun and live your life to the fullest.

That doesn’t mean you will not want sex after you start meditating. But you will not depend on sex to fulfill you. It will change from something you need to something you want. Actually you will have better sex after you start meditating as you will be mindful of your partner and be completely immersed in the experience rather than think about the last porn you watched or how to pay your bills. Your sex will morph in to Love.


Meditation is Detox for your Mind

Meditation didn’t take my problems away but instead it taught me how to handle them gracefully and with finesse. If you start doing meditation, you will have more adaptation energy to handle any stress that your day brings you. You will deal with all stresses in a very calm and peaceful way.

It will un-stress you from all the stress and complexes stored in you for many years. You get to make peace with unsettled issues and yourself, You will realize who you truly are. When you start meditating, you will first feel weird as you will cry, shout, yell and do crazy things. Meditation is like a cleansing as it is taking all that stress away, all that old stress will be gone forever. The walls you put up to protect yourself, will crumble away like cookies.

Meditate if you want to have real fun!! Make it a habit!! Once you get the taste of it, you will be addicted to it!! Have FUN!!! Meditation taught me to surrender to the Universe. I am exactly where I am supposed to be. I can manifest whatever I want. I started attracting so many beautiful people in my life. I didn’t even do any effort for that to happen. It was like my internal magnet was polished. It is as if the Universe started to send them to me. I felt so blessed. Amazing things started to happen to me and a constant flow of love in abundance comes my way every day.

Life is so wonderful, remember that every single day!