21 Days of Reiki

My first Reiki attunement

It was quiet. I saw the flickering light of the candle before I allowed myself to sink into the darkness. The teacher had told us to close our eyes and with his deep calming voice he helped us enter a meditative state of mind. I didn’t know what to expect nor had I read anything about the Reiki Attunements beforehand. I was open to the experience.

With his hands above my head I suddenly felt a bright white light enter into my head. Gone was the darkness all of the sudden. If you have meditated before, you might know this light. Only this time it was so much stronger. Heat followed the light and I felt a warm tingling energy flow into my body through the crown chakra. The teacher performed a ritual, and touched my body on different spots. This ceremony or “Attunement” only lasted about 15 minutes, but we had 4 of them during the whole weekend “Reiki 1st Grade”.

What is still a mystery to me, is that really right after receiving the 4 attunements, Reiki started flowing through my body as well just by me intending it to start flowing. We ended the workshop with laying hands on each other to feel the energy. And the feeling was amazing. Suddenly you feel this laserlike beam of energy coming out of your hand, you feel the tingling, you feel the heat – just like that. I don’t know how it works scientifically– but it works. It took me some time to get my head around this and to just accept it.

The 21 Days of Reiki Cleansing Period

After becoming attuned to the Reiki Energy, I went through a 21 day cleansing period. It helps you cleanse your body of negative energies, release emotional blockage and heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Your are supposed to give yourself the full Reiki session (40min) every day, which also helps to keep the energy channels open, so Reiki ( Rei = universal, Ki = Chi or Life Energy) can flow freely through your body.

Now honestly, I didn’t know what to expect during this 21 day period. The teacher said, it can be different for every person.

My first week quickly became an emotional rollercoaster. I had old memories pop up from people, whom I disliked in the past, issues with ex-lovers or unpleasant memories from the past, which I long had forgotten. These memories were accompanied by waves of emotions. To release the blockage you go through these emotions once more (which I didn’t know would happen, so it took me a few days to realize the connection). On some day I got so angry, then sad and upset. I must say at this point, that this was easy to observe as I am usually in a happy mood, so I managed to get out of the emotions with awareness of what is happening shortly after they hit me. The emotions came in waves shortly before or after I had these memories come up.

Another thing I noticed was heat waves inside my body. Occasionally in different areas it got very hot inside of my body, sometimes near my heart, or in the stomach or in the kidneys.

Have you ever felt like your heart was glowing from the inside? This happened for the first time when I let Reiki flow through me, and it felt as if my heart turned into a hot glowing sun or as if someone turned on the heater from the inside. Maybe this was the feeling of my heart opening up. It’s an incredible sensation to experience, very beautiful.

The second week, I got sick with a cold, fever and my voice completely disappeared for 3 days. Now I don’t know if this is related to the Reiki experience or if I just caught a virus from my little nephew. The emotional waves slowed down and only here and there something popped up. Never the same memory twice, by the way. Once something came up, it does seem to disappear for good.

The third week was even worse. I was still stick and one day I found myself in a deep depression with a lot of anger and sadness coming up out of the blue. It was really a dark day. After that things got better.

Now don’t get me wrong, not only negative emotions came up, I also had a moment, where I felt what true compassion feels like. It was so strong it made me cry and I instantly knew, this is compassion. I haven’t felt this in a long time in such purity. I also noticed more feelings of love and understanding towards the people in my life.

So for now, the way I understand it: the Reiki energy is a cleansing tool. It shows the same effects a Detox has on your body and with a cleansing a healing can follow. But as I only have just started on this journey, these insights might just be the tip of the iceberg.

Share your Reiki experiences with me below! Would love to hear your story or insights!


Trapped emotions are affecting your physical health.
Reiki is a healing tool to release trapped emotions.