20 scientific reasons why you should have started meditating yesterday

Benefits of Meditation

Gone are those days when meditating was greatly associated with hippie-ness. Science has proven its tremendous benefits. Emma Seppala, a research scientist from Stanford University has taken up the effort to summarize the key benefits of meditation.

Inspired to share these findings, here is a link to the original article including the resources and below a list of some AMAZING REASONS to get started with meditation.

It makes you really HEALTHY; proven effective without harmful side effects:

1. Meditation boosts your immune system
2. It increases your tolerance to pain
3. Decreases possible cellular level inflammation

It makes you a happier, more open person:

4. It transforms you into an optimist
5. Sets you free from anxiety
6. Sets you free from depressive blues
7. Helps you manage stress

It improves your creativity and productivity:

8. Gives positive changes to your focus and attention
9. Helps you in multitasking
10. Strengthens your memory
11. Enables you to think outside the box

It makes your social life more balanced and meaningful:

Though it’s obvious that meditating is most of the time – a solo activity, it does deepen your social skills and connections with others.

12. It cultivates your social connection and your emotional intelligence
13. Increases your sense of compassion
14. Boosts your comfort and joy from solitude

It makes you more relaxed and in Self-control of your temper:

15. Improves your ability to regulate you emotions
16. Increases your ability to reflecte and contemplate

It transforms your brain for the better:

17. It grows your grey matter
18. Increases volume in areas for positive emotions and self-control
19. Increases cortical thickness in areas related to paying attention

It makes you wiser:

20. Meditating can cultivate wisdom and perspective.


These 20 scientific reasons got you hopefully so excited now, that you would have wanted to start meditating yesterday ;-). Now the wonderful thing is, that your new meditation practice is just one deep breath away ;-)!