10 Powerful 10 Minute Meditations (Videos)

Meditation is a great tool for having a refreshing break from your every day reality to dip yourself into the energy of the vast field of potentiality all around you.

There are so many ways to use meditation. It really can be used as a life empowering tool in many situations.

I searched the web for you to find 10 powerful 10 minute meditations. This is a beautiful selection to suit different needs. Choose one based on your current needs, sit back and relax. Try these quick 10-minute meditation breaks any time you need some time for yourself.


Heart Center Awakening Meditation

Use this one to get in touch with your feelings and open up your heart.

Helpful when you feel stressed, confused or overwhelmed and need to reconnect with yourself. This Heart Center or Heart Chakra Meditation is an act of meditation with an emphasis on opening and healing the heart. This meditation brings energy into the body and directs it toward the heart which connects you to the opening of feelings, compassion, and the capacity to love.

Energizing Kundalini Meditation

This meditation is perfect for rejuvenation and renewal or if you need a quick boost of energy. It brings a sense of freedom and lightness. It is also called Liberation Kriya. A kriya is something you do to bring about a specific outcome. If you want to introduce change or a new habit, do this meditation for 40 days. The meditation itself takes 9 minutes. Gabby explain shortly in this video how to do it.

Forgiveness Meditation

This Ho’oponopono meditation is meant to help you let go of any negative emotions you might be holding onto and and transform them into feelings of love, kindness, compassion, forgiveness towards anyone or anything.

Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian Huna technique known for it’s miraculous effects. I have once used this technique to do some clearing on past relationships and within the next 3 days I received messages from some of these people, even though I hadn’t heard from them in a long time. Read more about Ho’oponopono here.

Make sure to repeat these words during your meditation, thinking of the person.

I’m sorry. I love you. Please forgive me. Thank you.

Simple, but powerful.

6 Phase Dynamic Meditation

This 6 Phase Meditation, created by Vishen Lakhiani, is a daily affirmation for manifesting abundance in every aspect of your life. It is a good way to start your day. The six phases you go through in the meditation are Connection, Gratitude, Freedom from negative charges, Creative visualization, Intentions for the day and Blessings. This meditation technique is a summary of hundreds of books on personal growth and is designed to create a remarkable transformation in your life in the shortest amount of time.

Release Negative Emotions Meditation

This meditation technique helps you release negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger, negativity and frustration.

Emotions affect your physical body. If you ignore, dismiss or repress your emotions, you are setting yourself up for physical illness. Remember, the only person who can change what and how you feel is you. This meditation can help. Release and transform all feelings and thoughts that don’t serve you.

Quantum Jumping: Jump into Loving Relationships

Ever wanted to travel to another universe? Here is your chance. Quantum Jumping is a beautiful visualization exercise to discover what is possible for you in another world and achieve any personal goal you have set up for yourself. You’re tapping into your subconscious mind, where infinite number of realities are possible. This sample meditation I found, is about creating and improving loving relationships. If you want to try out another one, click here.

Find Your Spirit Animal Meditation

Once I did a meditation and encountered a white wolf with blue eyes and didn’t know what this meant until I read about Spirit Guides in form of animals. They also most likely show up in your dreams. When I researched the meaning of the white wolf I was impressed how much it made sense at that point in my life. I found this short meditation to meet your power animal. If it doesn’t work, try this longer one.

Binaural Beat 528 Hz Meditation

528 Hertz is a healing sound frequency of the Solfeggio scale, also called the „LOVE“ frequency. These frequencies were used by ancient healers to transform miracles and by genetic scientists to mend the DNA and strengthen the cell to boost immunity. The binaural beats in the background help you reach the alpha state of mind faster. Use this healing sound meditation for connecting to your heart, healing or anything you want to manifest in your life.

Find Your Life Purpose Meditation

There might be a time in your life, where you find yourself at a crossroad, don’t know what to do or when you know it is time for a change. Meditation helps getting in touch with your soul to gain some clarity and inspiration. If you feel lost right now or simply want to discover what comes up for you, try this guided visualisation exercise. Always trust your intuition.

Silva Mirror of the Mind Meditation

This is a powerful programming meditation for problem solving and achieving goals. It uses visualization and imagination to change an existing situation and create anything you might desire. The meditation leads you quickly into the alpha level of mind with binaural beats in the background. You can learn more about it works in detail here.


Photo: Kiko Miwa, Hawaii